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Orthodontic Services


Orthodontic treatment straightens misaligned teeth to improve aesthetics and function for patients of any age.


Some patients pursue ortho treatment to fix minor imperfections and others pursue it to fix malocclusion (a misaligned bite) due to missing, crooked, crowded, and/or protruding teeth.Malocclusion if left untreated can lead to muscle tension and pain. 

There are several types of orthodontic treatment we provide in office or make external referrals for such as: removable appliances, fixed metal brackets, fixed clear brackets, and removable Invisalign or MTM trays (clear tray orthodontics).

A consultation regarding orthodontic treatment will confirm whether you are a candidate for orthodontics & if so, what type would be most ideal for you.

                    Here are a few examples of the orthodontic services we offer:                                 

        Appliances            Metal Brackets          Clear Brackets             Clear Trays




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