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Surgical Services

In terms of surgical services: tooth extraction, crown lengthening via laser or electro-surgery, placing mini / standard dental implants, and bone augmentation (a method of adding bone to an area that lacks bone) are a few of the surgical services we provide.


Mini Dental Implants

Mini Implants can drastically improve quality of life for those who wear dentures. Mini implants hold dentures in place. Loose dentures shift and move during use which causes a myriad of problems such as: sore spots, difficulty eating, trouble talking, repetitive use of adhesives, and embarrassment. Mini implants are a reliable and affordable solution with respect to these problems. Imagine being able to enjoy the foods you love with confidence.  


Mini implants are strategically placed in the lower jaw and compatible attachments are added to the applicable denture. Fortunately, the lower jaw does not have to have a significant amount of bone for mini implants to be successful unlike the amount of bone required for standard implants. In most cases, mini implants are placed in one appointment. Once the procedure is complete, dentures click securely into place. 


Mini implant candidates must be in good general & oral health. Good oral hygiene is a must prior to and following placement given tartar and calculus accumulation on or around mini implants &/or their attachments compromises success and can lead to poor oral health. Periodic maintenance is also required after placement given o-rings and bushings have to be replaced from time to time due to normal wear and tear.  

Standard Dental Implants and Implant Restoration

When one or more teeth are missing: there are several ways to replace them. Implants are an alternative to bridgework and/or dentures. Implants , artificial roots made of titanium metal, replace missing roots and support artificial replacement teeth (i.e. crown and/or bridgework)by acting as an anchor to hold the replacement tooth as opposed to bridgework and dentures which fill the space superficially and generally affect adjacent teeth. Ideal candidates must have sufficient bone levels to support implants.


 Here's a before & after of one of our patients with a Denture on 4 Upper Implants:

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